Bitesized tips and tricks to help you engage and connect with your audience.

Ideas about how sharing content and leveraging behavioral data can help you connect with your audience

Content and behavioral data can be used to create awareness, engage your audience and drive subscriber decisions.

How to make connecting on social media zing

It is only the first week of the new year, but already I have had this discussion a couple of times - so I thought, why not write a post about it - how to make connecting on social media zing.

What makes you go OPEN, CLICK & ENGAGE?

Self confession - I am a email list junky and I think that anyone that has an interest in digital marketing should be one too.

Digital Marketing CONTENT Workshop - share regularly to connect

Join this digital marketing SHARING workshop to explore the type of digital marketing CONTENT that you can regularly produce.

Digital Marketing AUDIENCE Workshop - everyone buys to benefit

Join this digital marketing SHARING workshop to explore more about what interests your digital marketing AUDIENCE.

Digital Marketing PURPOSE Workshop -start with your why

Join this SHARING workshop to explore important considerations for your digital marketing PURPOSE.

How to get followers to "make a comment" and hopefully even "have a conversation"

Always consider engagement from the point of view of your audience, have a plan and remember that you cannot break social media, so if these suggestions do not work - then change and repeat.

Going from zero to hero with digital marketing

Quality and quantity make a difference - thoughts from a very creative small business owner about small business digital marketing.

How to write a compelling blog post

Keep it easy to read, know your audience, make it compelling, connect emotionally and don't forget to ask.