Just about one of the most important things that you can do is to start with a purpose. Once you have defined your digital marketing purpose, it then becomes the benchmark which you use to measure all decisions about the content that you share with your audience.

Your purpose is your authentic aspirational reason for doing what you do.

Knowing the why about what you are doing on digital marketing guides your decisions about what you contribute and gives you something to work towards.

Staying true to your purpose also helps you build trust with your audience.

For your purpose consider how you measure success (ignoring the dollars) and take into consideration the comments from your customers that make you the most proud. Your purpose should translate into what your audience wants. A good purpose can be used to motivate your preferred customer to consider how you can solve their problems.

A great place to start is with aligning your digital marketing purpose to helping people.

Need some help and inspiration?

Consider the purpose of the brands you most trust, for example the brands that have ranked highly on this Roy Morgan most trusted brand poll are there for a reason. Have a look at what they and others like them do. As a consumer, ask yourself what is it that you like, and dislike, about what they share?

Also, reflect on how purpose shines through what some of the worlds most reputable brands do, for example Google's purpose "to organise the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful", Apple's "to bring the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services" can be seen in everything that they do.

Not sure where to start with hashtags (words) that help describe your digital marketing purpose?

Something that can be helpful is to start with a specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely (SMART) goal that describes the essence of your purpose, and then look for the key words that are both relevant and recently used by your audience.

For example, at Fictional Foods - our purpose is to help families make quick, easy, healthy and enjoyable meals. As we work through the digital marketing steps we will continue to explore this Fictional Foods example in some more detail.

In the example the SMART goal is bolded and the key works underlined.

Next road test words as hashtags to see if they are relevant.

🧐   WHAT IS A HASHTAG?  - besides being a word with the # character at the beginning,  a hashtag is used to help organise content on social media.

Using the following link to see tweets on Twitter searching for #families #healthy #meals. What you will find is that this combination of words don't have many recent tweets.

To find more recent and relevant words consider searching for a couple of the words, for example search for #healthy #meals, and look for combination of hashtags that have more recent tweets.

Next, scroll through results to find a third hashtag that is both recent and relevant that helps to describe your purpose. After experimenting with a couple of combinations the search for #cooking #healthy #meals returns some recent and hopefully relevant results.

😉   FINDING A GOOD HASHTAG TIP - as you scroll down thought the results you will know you are on a winner if you see likeminded people sharing what you are interested in.

Note that this technique for finding hashtags will work on any social media platform.

Why go to the trouble of finding hashtags that describe your purpose?

Consistently posting about "your topic" sends a very clear signal about what you consider important. Using relevant and recent hashtags helps your audience find what you have of value.

Use the digital marketing playbook for help

To help you get started use chat to update your personal playbook with hashtags that help to describe your digital marketing purpose.

Using the chat is simple and easy:-

  1. First, subscribe for free - this is required so that we can store your details.
  2. Then using the chat help, playbook and defining your purpose options.
  3. Finally enter your three hashtags.

When you have added your hashtags you will be able to do social media searches using your personalised digital marketing playbook on popular social media platforms to refine how relevant and recent they are.

😉   KEEPING IN TOUCH WITH YOUR AUDIENCE TIP - use relevant and recent hashtags to find content to share with your audience.

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