Actionable help for engaging and connecting on social media.

Creating engaging social media requires putting all the pieces together so that they make sense.  Need some social media marketing help and inspiration?  check out these actionable social media marketing thoughts, tips and ideas.

Actionable social media marketing thoughts, tips and ideas

Actionable social media marketing thoughts, tips and ideas refreshed regularly, sign in and subscribe to weekly social media marketing tip for updates.

  1.  Test and repeat  - testing helps you to improve your social media marketing.
  2.  The best time to start is now  - starting gets your social media marketing real.
  3.  Have an actionable plan  - you are doing your social media marketing for a reason, have a doable plan to help you get there.
  4.  Engage regularly  - ensure that your social media marketing plan includes doing something with your audience every day.
  5.  Resharing tells your story too  - resharing is a great way to keep in touch with your audience.
  6.  Hashtags help  - use hashtags to find reshareable content.
  7.  Share the awesome, helpful and likeable  - your audience will love you for it.

Engaging and connecting requires time, effort, planning and a bit of strategic thinking.  influencerTips provides help that with active use can play an important role in a social media marketing strategy.  Sign in to get started with influencerTips.

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 Content posting reminders  - regularly posting content is a great way of helping people discover who you are and should be a part of any social media marketing plan.

 Personalised social media resharing suggestions  - sharing awesome content on social media that aligns with your interests helps keep you in front of your audience and is an important way of engaging with like-minded people.

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 Personalised engagement recommendations  - personalised recommendations for who to like and what to reshare. The recommendations plan uses AI to learn and make suggestions from previous social media usage. Great way to increase productivity and save time.


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 Custom social media automation options available  - ideal for special social media requirements like social media listening of mentions and keywords. Contact us to discuss your requirements.


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What people are saying about influencerTips

Through my subscription to influencerTips I have started getting help and learning about social media.  I would never have done any of this without the encouragement and assistance of influencerTips.  I receive a daily reminder and update of appropriate art related posts on social media. One of my first tasks each morning is to check off the influencerTips recommendations and to share my morning news blog post about art and painting.

Engaging on social media can be a rewarding experience.
@AnneNewman4 - Anne Newman, Artist

Social media provides the opportunity to help share what is important and provide a channel for people to check out your "point of view". At times we can all get busy and sometimes what we are delivering is not as effective as it can be. With this in mind, the influencerTips project was started to help.  Our focus is on keeping things simple for busy people who want a measurable return on their digital marketing budget.  That is it really, thanks for the read, reach out if you have any questions and welcome to the influencerTips project.

influencerTips was developed to help with managing social media.
@mattcameron - co-founder influencerTips

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