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Engaging and connecting on social media requires time, effort, planning and a bit of strategic thinking. To help you with your small business social media marketing influencerTips provides reminders, suggestions and recommendations that with active use can play an important role in your social media marketing strategy.

influencerTips small business social media marketing plans - features include content posting reminders, resharing suggestions and personalised engagement recommendations.

Free Small Business Social Media Starter Plan

Content posting reminders - regularly posting content on social media is a great way of helping people discover who you are and should be a part of any social media marketing plan.

Resharing suggestions - sharing other people's awesome content helps keep you in front of your audience and is an important way of engaging with like-minded people.


Free starter plan includes weekly social media content posting reminders and resharing suggestions.
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Small Business Social Media Recommendations Plan

Personalised engagement recommendations - likes, follows and comments all help you find out what interests people have and can help create opportunities to connect.


Daily recommendations plan is AUD$9.95/month.

Note that the content posting reminders, resharing suggestions and engagement recommendations featured in the influencerTips mall business social media marketing plans can also be applied to personal and community groups social media accounts.

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