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Social media marketing help and inspiration

Following are some practical help and ideas for engaging with social media. Need some more help? ask a social media marketing question about anything.

Social media marketing plans

Engaging and connecting on social media requires time, effort, planning and a bit of strategic thinking. influencerTips can help with adaptive actionable social media marketing plans.


     Engaging regularly on social media helps with creating connections and should be an important part of your social media marketing strategy. 

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     Encouraging your group, organisation or business to share on social media can make a significant difference with reaching a wider audience. 

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Success stories

It is always awesome to hear from the growing influencerTips community, feel welcome to share your stories and thanks for feedback.

  • Ongoing support from influencerTips has helped me share the Daintree through Mangrove Adventures.  My experience of influencerTips has been very helpful and available whenever I wanted advice on any new social media, digital marketing or website direction I was thinking about taking.  I can recommend without any reservations.

    Dan Irby - Mangrove Adventures

    I would never have got started without the encouragement and assistance of influencerTips. Through my subscription to influencerTips I am learning about social media.  To my amazement communicating and interacting through social media is making me a much better painter and a far more inspired and disciplined one.  Every day I receive from influencerTips helpful reminders and recommendations for appropriate art related posts that I can reshare on social media. Thank you for helping and advising me in this new and exciting adventure.

    Anne Newman - Anne Newman, Artist

    At times we can all get busy, we don't know what to do next and as a result what we share on social media suffers.  With this in mind, the influencerTips project was started to help with making awesome social media marketing easier.  If you have the resolution to make social marketing part of your success story then influencerTips can help. Feel welcome to reach out if you would like a community discount on any of the plans. That is it really, thanks for the read, reach out if you have any questions and welcome to the influencerTips project.

    @mattcameron - influencerTips

Need some help?

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