influencerTip #2 - for digital marketing success tap into what your audience wants

KEY DIGITAL MARKETING ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAY - Have a plan to tap into consumer social responsibility.

influencerTip #2 - for digital marketing success tap into what your audience wants
If you want to engage with a wider audience, then what you share needs to meet the needs of your wider audience.

Most likely your motivation for digital marketing engagement is to share something that you care about. These motivations can be personal, professional, community, or a mix of all three.

  • Personal content - is about yourself.
  • Professional content - promotes and helps people to become aware of what you do in business.
  • Community content - is about sharing what makes a difference "for the greater good" to you and your audience.

With each of these content types comes opportunities for sharing different types of content.

There is nothing wrong with sharing for personal or professional reasons because a bit of selfish helps to keep you motivated, just beware that you are the only person that is going to be interested to listen to you talk about yourself. For some more thoughts check out the article how often should I post about myself on social media.

How often should I post about myself on social media?
Post less about yourself because social media is not a personal megaphone.

What do you plan to share - personal, business or community content? The choice is yours, just remember your digital marketing content should always entice the person reading to learn more.

Need some inspiration about what your audience wants?

Consider a corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach. Corporate social responsibility is about a business or organisation using a business model that helps them to be socially accountable to itself, all stakeholders, and also to the public. Do a Google search on corporate social responsibility and have a read through some of the results.

One especially worth a read with examples is 16 brands doing corporate social responsibility successfully. In this article you will find how organisations are sharing the story of how they are doing something good in the community for the community to make a difference.

From your audience's perspective this translates into consumer social responsibility (CnSR) and in that context the audience is interested in content that match their moral and ethical concerns.

Not sure where to start?

Ask yourself, what's in it for the person reading?

Whilst content that addresses your needs is important, there needs to be something in it for everyone (that means all your stakeholders), and in practice this means meeting the needs of your audience is more important than just focusing on content that meets your needs.

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