How to write a compelling blog post

How to write a compelling blog post
Diagram of the AIDA framework.
People like a good read and using the AIDA content preparation framework will help get your audience on the hook.

With the AIDA content preparation framework you guide your audience through attention, interest, desire and action steps as follows:

  • Start with ATTENTION - is about quickly attracting your audience's attention via an eye-catching headline or image that asks a question, makes a statement or offers something that you know your audience will be interested in. Focus on who you are most likely to persuade. In practice this means knowing your audience.
  • Then make it of INTEREST - present information that will continue to interest your "hooked" reader. Focus on key features and benefits. Deepen the connection with proof. As required use research and data to show that you understand as you build your story. Stay focused on your audience's needs and point of view. Use simple language that is easy to understand. Make what you presenting compelling.
  • Connect emotionally with DESIRE - persuade your potential customer that this is something that they will be personally interested in and that they do not want to miss out on. Anticipate any possible objections, tell an irresistible story and make sure you tell them why in a way they will understand.
  • Don't forget to ask with a call to ACTION - this is where it's time to close the deal and ask your potential customer to do something with a strong call to action. Make it easy, emphasise the results of taking action, anticipate any post-purchase anxieties, make it no-obligation and eliminate the risk.

Not sure if AIDA will work for you - next time you read a blog post or watch a commercial keep an eye out to see if they are using AIDA to help tell you the story.


Have you ever felt stuck with lots of good thoughts about what to write, but the words just don't get to the keyboard?