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About the influencerTips project - Hello, thanks for visiting and read more for what we consider important.

First, read what people are saying.

The influencerTips project was started by founder Matt Cameron in 2020. Matt has been involved in social media, digital marketing and with community engagement projects for many years.

The purpose of influencerTips is to provide actionable help to make your social and digital marketing more awesome. Our approach is not prescriptive, but rather we work in partnership with you as a team. In practice this means supporting you with content, development, plans, hosting, services and workshops, where if you would like we show you how to do what you want yourself.

With this partnership approach you and your team have the opportunity for a lasting cost effective sustainable social media and digital marketing strategy that you can maintain and do. Also, because you are doing more yourself, what you do becomes more responsive, authentic and all the other good things that go with helping to make social media and digital marketing awesome.

Community is a big part of the influencerTips project. Shout out if there is anything that we can be doing to help you make a difference. In summary, we have an engagement activity and a couple of online presentations that we can share to help with kickstarting a conversation about using social media for community engagement.

Finally, THANK YOU - influencerTips would not be possible without all the awesome member community support with surveys, testing and conversations. As a very small reward, influencerTips supporters now get a special supporter badge on the front page when they are logged in.

Message on chat with questions, call Matt on +61 449 191 584 or organise to join for a quick chat on zoom.


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