Digital marketing support

Digital marketing support

Hello my name is Matt Cameron and I help connect people with digital marketing.

My digital marketing journey has been a continuing evolution of discovery, testing and innovation to find digital marketing solutions that work. This has led me to design and build robust, scalable and easy to use solutions with:

  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud for enterprise email marketing.
  2. Making digital marketing work from a technical perspective.
  3. Ghost for content production and publishing.

These along with digital marketing community engagement ideas you can read more about on the blog.

Reach out on the chat if there is anything that I can be doing to help you.

Ask a question on the chat.

Every Wednesday at 7:30PM AEST I host a free community engagement workshop where we explore digital marketing ideas, to join RSVP.

To organise an online one-on-one session to discuss anything thing to do with digital marketing book a consult.

The chat, consults and workshops are a way of me giving back, and are provided out of hours (AEST) to my full time work as a digital marketing consultant and solution architect. If that works for you then we are good to go.

For Salesforce Marketing Cloud developer questions and support join me in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developer Group.

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