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The best advice I can give anyone interested in getting into digital marketing is - just start regularly sharing your thoughts with a personal blog and email newsletter. As you try new ideas to engage your audience you will learn.

Hello, my name is Matt Cameron and influencerTips is my blog where I share posts about digital marketing. The reason that I blog is to help me refine my thoughts and share what is important to me.

My digital marketing journey has been a continuing evolution of discovery, testing, and innovation to find solutions that work.

This has led me to design and build robust, scalable, and easy-to-use solutions with:

  1. Salesforce Marketing Cloud for enterprise email marketing.
  2. Ghost content publishing and membership platform coupled with Cloudflare Serverless Workers for digital marketing automation solutions for independent self-publishers, small businesses, and micro enterprises.
  3. Various cloud services with a focus on digital direct marketing.

As a Marketing Cloud Solution Architect, I understand the processes and dynamics of working with both internal and external stakeholders to deliver.

As a Salesforce Marketing Cloud Community Leader, the thing I enjoy the most is how supportive and awesome the community is. For more info visit Salesforce Marketing Cloud Developers Group.

I am also honoured to be included in the 2023 Salesforce Marketing Cloud Champion program. To read more visit let's celebrate the 2023 Marketing Champions.

For independent self-publishers, small businesses, and micro enterprises I can help with the following plans:

All prices are USD.

All plans include a managed Ghost website hosting featuring a blog, newsletter, and paid subscriptions using a default theme and marketing automation as available.

These plans are also available for bringing your own website, email, or Marketing Cloud.

Use digital marketing support for planning, training, content creation, theme design, video editing, automation, integrations, and development.

Consider using a plus plan for a limited time to fast-track your digital marketing requirements.

My availability for plus plans is limited, so before purchasing a daily or weekly plan please first reach out to make sure that I can help with delivery.

Feel very welcome to schedule a time to catch up and chat.

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