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Emotions spark responses

KEY DIGITAL MARKETING ACTIONABLE TAKEAWAY - know the immediate problems that you are helping your audience with.
Emotions spark responses

Each member of audience has an emotional trigger.

Tap into the emotional triggers of your audience by telling real authentic stories that align with what your audience values and needs.

Need help with tapping into the emotions of your audience?

Touch on your audience's hearts emotionally with content that talks to:

  • Happiness - this is something that your audience will feel good about for example the rewards of belonging, community and loyalty.
  • Sadness - this is something that your audience will not feel so good about, your opportunity is to tell a story and provide an empowering solution.
  • Fear - what comes to mind is this safe to be used, anger about injustice and fear of missing out (FOMO) on free shipping and discounts.
  • Greed - think about free shipping and discounts.
  • Something else? - what is the WHY about your audience engaging with you.

Not sure where to start with understanding the emotional triggers of your target audience?

Consider the following example.

Usage example for Fictional Foods - because our purpose is to help families make quick, easy, healthy and enjoyable meals everyday we are going to share stories about easy to make recipes that make everyone in the family smile.

As we work through the digital marketing steps we will continue to explore this Fictional Foods example in some more detail.

Would stories that make your family smile be enough to help you make a decision?

I would suspect that you would need something more ...

Possibly stories about how anyone in the family can easily prepare a meal that will make everyone smile might be more engaging.

I am sure you can to improve.

The point is that authentic and emotional stories about shared values shows that you are empathic to your audience which in turns helps to build trust.  

Quite often your niche that makes you special will align with the emotional triggers of your audience.

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