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What are the pros of open source for digital marketing? you get all the features you need for digital marketing at an affordable price.

What are the cons of open source for digital marketing? open source can sometimes require a little bit of expertise to navigate through it all especially when getting everything setup.

How can influencerTips help? we provide support to make open source digital marketing easy with managed Ghost and Mautic plans, professional services and assistance with self hosting.

Why use open source Ghost for website, content publishing and newsletters? besides being very easy to use to publish and share content, Ghost also has some very awesome features including:

  1. Gated member only content - great for building your email list.
  2. Member emails - great for sharing posts and newsletters.
  3. Paid subscriptions - great for helping you get rewarded for the awesome content that you share and for providing paid monthly/yearly subscriptions for services.

Why use open source Mautic for digital marketing automation? because it is easy to build without code and manage complex multi channel digital marketing campaigns that help you connect with your audience, including:

  1. Welcome email and drip campaigns - single or multi step campaigns for when a subscriber joins your mailing list, completes a form or joins a market audience segment.
  2. Forms and focus items that help you learn more about your audience - kickoff campaigns from forms and content dynamically integrated with your website.
  3. Use Mautic as a simple CRM - email, take notes and add important information to your audience contact database with custom fields.

Select the influencerTips plan that best suits your needs:

  • Free membership plan - access to free weekly workshops, personalised planner and weekly recommendations subscription.
  • Ghost starter plan - fully functional limited use managed Ghost hosting plan. As the name suggests ideal for getting started, learning the basics and organising your content into a website.
  • Managed Ghost and/or Mautic hosting plans - suitable for a typical small business. Includes support with how to use questions.
  • Support plans - suitable for adding features to a managed hosting plan or for assistance with self hosting.
  • Getting started with self hosting - support with getting Ghost and/or Mautic hosted service started on your AWS EC2 instance(s) with Cloudflare for DNS management. Subscription includes 4/hours month. As a foundation we use the open source Bitnami catalog.
  • Something else? without getting too technical professional services include theme design, website migrations, integrations and extended training.

How do usage limits work? the reason for usage limits is that with more visits, storage, content, contacts, campaigns, emails and automation more hosting services that have a cost are required. By way of transparency influencerTips use a AWS Ec2 t2.micro instance configured with default storage/bandwidth as a starting point for a hosting plan. The way we work is to monitor your use, and then either advise best practices for keeping inside limits or assist with more hosting resources. For questions about how usage limits are calculated, any aspect of the Ghost starter plan or for where you have a special requirement contact us.

To keep things simple the manage hosting plans is suitable for typical small business requirements.

The Ghost starter plan has strict usage limits and for HTTPS certificate requirements the website DNS must be managed on Cloudflare.

What's not included? newsletter email sending fees, paid subscription processing fees, domain names, along with theme, content, email and campaign design.

Are there any Ghost theme setup fees? whilst custom theme design is not included Ghost has a number of free open source community contributed themes that can be used as is.

How much does email sending and paid subscription processing fees cost? Ghost uses mailgun for email sends and Stripe for paid membership subscriptions. Mautic integrates with any email service provider which offers SMTP mail servers.

How much does self hosting cost? with self hosting there is a cost for hosting along with the requirement for backups and updates.

Contact us - for a demo, quote, questions, to discuss your requirements or to organise payment by invoice.

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influencerTips works with individuals, not for profit small community groups, small business and digital marketing service teams. What we do is very different to what you may have experienced in the past. We start by helping you and then lend a helping hand where needed.

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