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Master the Art of One-Minute Videos: Engage and Inspire in 60 Seconds

More than an elevator pitch and less that a presentation. Help with crafting a video to make a difference in a minute.

Here's one I prepared earlier ...

What your audience will (hopefully) hear and takeaway ...

  1. Concise is key - In a one-minute video, each person can say about 100 to 150 words, so be brief and to the point.
  2. Know your audience - Prepare a video that's genuinely interesting for your target audience, not just about yourself.
  3. Get started - Don't overthink it - just start recording! You might need a few takes to get comfortable.
  4. It gets easier - Once you're in the flow of creating content, you'll find it becomes more natural and effortless.
  5. Focus on your audience - Remember that your video is about them, not you. What will they find valuable or entertaining?
  6. Don't overcomplicate - A one-minute video should be simple and straightforward. Avoid complex concepts or jargon.
  7. Be yourself - Authenticity shines through in a good video. Be genuine, and your audience will appreciate it.
  8. Practice makes perfect - Don't worry if your first few takes aren't perfect. With practice, you'll improve and get more comfortable with recording.
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Now it's your turn ...

First, define your purpose. To work out what your purpose is, answer the question, the difference that I want to make for my audience is?

When you have defined your purpose, then awesome.

Now you know why you are going to make a video to make a difference in a minute. Having a purpose will guide everything you do.

Next, prepare a short script. In your recording it is important to be succinct and having a script will help you stay on topic.

For your script consider ...

  1. Introduction - Introducing yourself.
  2. Interesting fact - Share an interesting fact about yourself that gives you permission to share on the topic that you are going to talk about.
  3. What makes a difference - Share your tip, takeaway, link, or whatever it is that you want to share. It is important that your topic will resonate with your intended audience, so make it about them and not you. Words are at a premium on this one and there is no time to waste. Remember to be brief and clearly express yourself.
  4. Why it matters - Finish up sharing in as few as words as possible why your topic matters.
  5. Don't forget the call to action (CTA) - Share a CTA related to your important topic that makes a difference. It could be as simple as for more tips like this subscribe on our website.

Finally, record your video, post the recording on social media and you're done.

It might take a couple of takes, but once you are in the flow it will be easy.

Let's break it down with a real example ...

  1. Introduction - Hello, my name is Matt Cameron and I help people connect with digital marketing.
  2. Interesting fact - Today, I'm going to talk about preparing a one-minute video. Did you know that in one minute, each person can talk or say is about 120 to 150 words? So, it's really important to be very concise what you say.
  3. What makes a difference - So, for my tips for preparing a one-minute video, share what's going to be genuinely interesting for your audience. Don't share stuff about yourself, remember, it's about your audience, but also just get started. It might take a couple of takes to get it right. Once you get into the flow of doing it, it'll all become pretty easy.
  4. Wrap up - So, they were my tips for preparing a one-minute video. community is how supportive and awesome the community is.
  5. CTA - To learn more tips from me, feel very welcome to subscribe to my blog at www.influencer.tips - Until next time, happy filming, bye.

Total 146 words.

Play time is 61 seconds.

To see in action watch the YouTube.

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