Almost everyone wanting to ENGAGE AND CONNECT WITH AWESOME DIGITAL MARKETING will find the free weekly digital marketing workshops of interest. During the workshop we watch a short video presentation and then show practically how to do the topic discussed.

Upcoming events

How to use Google Optimise and Analytics to help improve content engagement strategy
Testing, data and analytics are all key to learning how to be continuously improving how people engage with your digital marketing message.
Awesome and interesting GitHub Actions to make life easier for digital marketing developers
Surfacing what works best for digital marketing developers.
Options for how to organise website hosting using your own domain name for almost free
In this workshop we will be looking at options for hosting a static website on a Cloudflare worker site.

Recent events

Ideas for making your next community group event an awesome success
Read on when you find yourself asking the question, what more could be done to make our community events more awesome.
Getting started guide for how to build a scalable API with FeathersJS
Read on more to learn more about FeathersJS API framework.

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