Helping you connect with engaging social and digital marketing.

Social media and digital marketing workshops to help you ENGAGE & CONNECT - Almost everyone wanting to engage will find engagement starts with you workshops of interest.

Social media and digital marketing workshops to help you ENGAGE & CONNECT

The purpose of this introductory ENGAGE & CONNECT workshop post is to introduce you to the ENGAGEMENT STARTS WITH YOU series of free workshops where you will learn more about developing engaging social media and digital marketing plans.

Easy - workshops consist of short 3-minute actionable presentations focusing on important social media and digital marketing topics.

We are always rolling out more workshops -  updates of new workshops shared in weekly newsletter.

CHAT - to get started with the workshops, help us understand a little bit more about you ...

In as few as words as possible, use the chat to introduce yourself and share what you would like to get out of the workshops.

RESPOND ON CHAT - we encourage you to respond to questions asked on the chat. Your responses are used to help personalise your influencerTips recommendations included with your subscription. Depending on your chat history, we will make a personal recommendation about the next best workshop.

At anytime feel very welcome to use the chat to ask any questions.

And finally, welcome to the influencerTips ENGAGEMENT STARTS WITH YOU workshops.

FEEDBACK - are workshops helpful and what would you improve?

Feel very welcome to share a comment.


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