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Social media engagement webinar FREE daily - Use for actionable personalised help to put your social media and digital marketing strategy into practice.

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JOIN 15-minute free group social media engagement workshops between 4PM and 6 AEST daily.  Use for actionable personalised help to put your social media and digital marketing strategy into practice.

Social media engagement workshop topics

Social media engagement topics that we talk about in the workshops.

  1. Identifying your engagement requirements on social media.
  2. Understanding target audience characteristics on social media.
  3. Learning about target audience habits on social media.
  4. Responding to typical social media journeys on social media.
  5. Using engagement triggers on social media.
  6. Making sense of target audience behaviours on social media.
  7. Evaluating how to retain and engage your target audience on social media.
  8. Understanding how to deliver results on social media.
  9. Selecting platforms to meet target audience needs on social media.
  10. Selecting content for engagement on social media.
  11. Setting measurable strategies for success on social media.
  12. Optimising for engagement and positive viral shares on social media.
  13. Identifying messaging risk on social media.
  14. Using scheduling to maximising target audience attention on social media.
  15. Engaging with personalised responses on social media.
  16. Using tools to automate content delivery on social media.
  17. Applying measurable metrics on social media.
  18. Maximising channels and cross-platform engagement on social media.
  19. Developing a performance plan for regular strategy review on social media.
  20. Learning to identify performance gaps on social media.
  21. Evaluating engagement effectiveness on social media.

To get started, check out the following post and join us for a social media engagement starts with you workshop.

Get started with “social media engagement starts with you” workshop
Almost everyone wanting to get started will find this free workshop of interest.

Workshops are a great way to learn more

Workshops are a great way to learn more, and to understand how you and your audience engage on social media.

Join to learn more.

COMMUNITY SUPPORT FREE - we value and understand the volunteering effort that goes into making a difference, that is why community support with workshops and the social media engagement survey is free - to learn more visit actionable FREE help with community engagement.
WE ARE HERE TO HELP - use the chat to message with social media and digital marketing questions about anything.
Social media engagement webinar available FREE daily - to RSVP subscribe.
Would you like some actionable help with your engagement ideas? - as often as you like, feel very welcome to share your engagement ideas in the chat. When you do, we will review and add them to your personalised social and digital plan on your account page.
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