Community engagement empowers people to have a say about what makes a difference to them - important for empowering people to share.

🧐  Ideas about what community engagement means

  1. Trust - provides an opportunity for reliability and truth to be shared, every interaction is a building block.
  2. Understanding - through shared discussions community engagement helps everyone involved understand each others point of view, that includes both those engaged directly in the discussion and those reading along.
  3. Empowers people - allows people to have a say about what makes a difference to them.
  4. Relationships - is an important to first step in developing relationship.
  5. Learning - knowing with absolute certainty that in every community there is someone from whom I can learn.
  6. Accepting the individual - non-judgemental listening to the needs of the individual, in helping the community.
  7. Consistent - it means being consistently visible with a consistent message to build trust and understanding.
  8. Share without fear - able to engage in open conversations transparently for your own true values to be shared for all to see.
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