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List of noteworthy tools and services to help make your next online presentation more interesting with a little bit of audience interaction - Sharing because worth a mention and to help with making your online presentations awesome.

These days with all of us doing more online, the search is always on to be making online workshops engaging and interactive.


AhaSlides is noteworthy - because it works the way you do. It is easy to import PDFs from a slide deck that was created elsewhere, and then to quickly add audience questions.

My AhaSlides process is:

  1. Develop the slide deck in Google Slides.
  2. In Google Slides export to PDF.
  3. Import PDF to
  4. Then add interactive activities in and between slides.

When presenting the AhaSlide presentation online via zoom the audience can use a AhaSlide generated QR Code to also follow along on their mobile device.


kahoot is noteworthy - because like the name suggests it is just fun to use.

My kahoot process is to have some easy to answer questions ready to help with breaking the ice.

See something missing? comment and share anything noteworthy that should be mentioned and help make this an awesome list of helpful online audience interaction tools.

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