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How to use advanced Twitter search features

Hopefully these ideas for using advanced Twitter search features will help you influence the conversation with interesting content.
Refine your Twitter search to help you find interest content.

To get started visit https://twitter.com/explore

Then, to make your Twitter search experience more engaging use flags.

phrase min_retweets:n min_faves:n -filter:nativeretweets
Twitter search query format with flags.

Example of how to use the Twitter search query format with flags to find new original popular content about cats.

cats min_retweets:5 min_faves:20 -filter:nativeretweets
Example for how to use Twitter search.

What's happening here is:

  • phrase - words at the beginning of the search query are the phrase to search for, this can be a mix of words and/or hashtags.
  • min_retweets:n - is the minimum retweets that the post should have, replace n with the minimum number of retweets.
  • min_faves:n - is the minimum likes that the post should have, replace n with the minimum number of likes.
  • -filter:nativeretweets - shows tweets from people that have not retweeted this tweet, remove - to see retweets.

Some experimentation is required for what works best.

If your interests are in a more specific niche consider lowering the minimum numbers.

Comments and tips always welcome

Feel very welcome to share advanced Twitter search tips and suggestions.