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How to share a video to make a difference in a minute?

More than an elevator pitch and less that a presentation. Help with crafting a video to make a difference in a minute.
How to share a video to make a difference in a minute?

Camera, lights, action! You have one minute to record a video where you say 120 words - what video to make a difference can you share in a minute?

The average number of words that can be said in one-minute is about 120. So words are at a premium on this one and there is nothing to waste.

First, define your purpose. To work out what your purpose is answer the question, the difference that I want to make is?

When you have defined your purpose, then awesome. You now know why you are doing a video to make a difference in a minute. Having a purpose will guide everything you do.

Next, prepare a short script. In your recording it is important to be succinct and having a script will help you stay on topic. For your script consider:

  1. Introduction - Introducing yourself.
  2. Interesting fact - Share an interesting fact about yourself that gives you permission to share on your topic.
  3. What makes a difference - Share some important topic that will make a difference - can be a tip, takeaway, link, or whatever it is that you want to share. Important is that your topic will resonate with your intended audience, is brief and clearly expressed.
  4. Why it matters - Share in as few as words as possible why it matters.
  5. CTA - Share a CTA related to your important topic that makes a difference.

Finally, record your video, post the recording on social media and you're done.


Let's break it down with a real example ...

  1. Introduction - Hello my name is Matt Cameron and I help connect people with digital marketing.
  2. Interesting fact - My digital marketing journey has been a continuing evolution of discovery, testing and innovation to find digital marketing solutions that work.
  3. What makes a difference - The best advice I can give anyone interested in getting into digital marketing is to JUST START - even if it is just with a personal blog and email newsletter. As you try new ideas to engage your audience you will learn.
  4. Why it matters - The thing that I enjoy the most about the Marketing Cloud community is how supportive and awesome the community is.
  5. CTA - Reach out if you have a question or need any help.

Total words is 107.

Play time is 49 seconds.

And like they say, here is one that I prepared earlier. To watch, visit ...

Matt Cameron on LinkedIn: #MarketingCloudMinute #MarketingCloudMinute #Salesforce
Here is my #MarketingCloudMinute - message me if you would like help with sharing yours. Just remember to use the hashtag #MarketingCloudMinute so that...

To show that you belong to a thriving community - Consider doing a group share of one-minute videos that make a difference.

What impactful 1-minute video would you create to make a difference? Share your ideas in the comments and inspire others!


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