Recently was asked the question, how to setup a "tip jar" with Ghost and Stripe? and do I need expert help or can I do it myself?

In this post we explore a no code approach to making a "tip jar" with Ghost and Stripe.

Why use Stripe for the "tip jar"? Ghost already has "out of the box" support for member paid subscriptions powered by Stripe so it makes sense to build on this established integration.

For our "tip jar" we will consider a series of buttons with Stripe payment links for predefined amounts, as shown:

For each of the buttons setup a DIY Stripe payment links in the Stripe dashboard. For more information about Stripe payment buttons visit

<a href="">$5.00 tip</a>
Example of the above $5.00 tip Stripe payment link.

What you cannot do with a Stripe payment link is have a customer defined amount (tip) for the order.

To accept a dynamic amount then a solution like Stripe Checkout would be required which you can read more about here

Use of Stripe Checkout requires additional backend services for processing a payment. If a customer defined tip amount is a requirement then an approach as discussed on the Cloudflare blog looks like a promising way to provide more backend server options for customising the payment flow.

Leave a comment with questions or if you would like to see a part two of this post exploring using a backend service like Cloudflare Serverless Workers.

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