This is an important question because if you have put the effort into preparing content to share, you want at least as many people as possible to have a read.

When searching Google for "how long does content on social media last" most likely you will get a number of answers all with a common theme that posts on social don't last long, which means posting more than once can and should be considered acceptable.

A strategy that you might find helpful is repeat with different calls to action, for example, when sharing this article the following could be considered.

  1. Suggestions for how to get noticed on social media  [put-link-to-article-here]
  2. How to get more views on social media, read more at [put-link-to-article-here]
  3. For results post blog content on social media more than once, to learn more visit [put-link-to-article-here]
  4. Introducing the mix it up and slowly repeat with awesome content social media sharing strategy [put-link-to-article-here]
  5. #SocialMediaTip - Social media timelines can be very busy places, so to ensure that you get noticed post more than once. [put-link-to-article-here]

Don't forget to replace [put-link-to-article-here] with the URL for where every you have written content.

Key takeaway and 💡 social media marketing tip - social media can be very busy, so to ensure that you get noticed post more than once.

Quick question - comment and share, how frequently do you share the same post on social media?

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