In most cases the quick answer is going to be indirectly, but there can be cases of directly - it all depends on who you are influencing for - is it yourself, or is it others?

Let me explain ...

A definition of influencing includes: changing other people's behaviour, attitudes and thoughts.

With this definition influencing is the action of causing the change.

Let's tackle the indirectly influencing for yourself answer first. With the change then there is a potential for a decision by others which may cause a reward to be made. For example, you're an author and you use an influencing strategy to encourage people to consider your books. In this case, the influencing is causing your book sales to go up.

The answer is going to be directly if you have a following where you can promote someone else's product or service for a reward. For example, you're an author with many followers and for a reward you introduce to your followers someone else's product. In this case, you are getting paid for placing a product in view of your audience.

Thanks Caroline for the question, and hopefully these thoughts help.

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