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How to know if your Facebook account has been hacked and what you can do - How ofter have you heard this? - a friend just told you that their Facebook account might be hacked and is sending messages that don't appear to be coming from them.

Facebook have some helpful notes that you can find here what can I do about malicious software on Facebook?

A couple of other ideas to help ...

Make sure you trust the apps and websites that you have given permission on Facebook - According to Facebook to see the apps and games that you have added to Facebook use the Settings & Privacy > Settings > Apps and Websites menu option to see what apps and websites you have given permission to use your page. On this page ensure that you recognise or trust each of these websites and apps, if you don't then it might be time for a remove. Apps and websites can be granted permission to do things with your Facebook account on your behalf. To understand more about what these settings are click on the view and edit to the right of each app.

Make sure no one else has access to your Facebook account - If you think your Facebook account may have been compromised then checkout the security and login for recommendations, to see where you are logged in from, how to change your password and more.

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