The HTML embed option to add content uses the following format <a href="[GOOGLE-URL]"><img src="[IMAGE-URL]" /></a>

With these HTML codes links can be customised with pictures.

For example:

<a href=""><img src="" /></a>


Congratulations, you can view this document. For more information about this document visit how to embed a link to a Google drive document with a picture on a website.


  1. For the [GOOGLE-URL] left click on the document in Google drive and select the get link option.
  2. For the [IMAGE-URL] upload your picture to a public page, left click on the picture (in Google Chrome) and select copy link address.
  3. To format the size of the picture refer to the HTML <img> tag for options.
  4. For more information about how the link tag works refer to the HTML <a> tag.
  5. For more formatting options refer to the HTML <style> tag (not shown here).

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