Recently I was asked how to do a YouTube recording and what tech stuff do I need? so with 5-minutes to spare I quickly recorded the following.

Key takeaway, start small, because you don't need to start big.

Thanks for question, I had some fun putting together the answer.

Make the recording focused on helping, short and authentically you.

In retrospect I may have wanted to hold my phone in landscape and not portrait, but that wasn't the point of this recording. All that I wanted to do is show how simple and easy it is to record with a mobile phone.


  1. Put a simple on your face - it sort of is important.
  2. Plan to keep it short - if you can get your message across in less than 30 seconds great, if you can't then consider making two.
  3. Purpose - you are solving someone else's problem, so work out what the purpose of your video is first. Write the words down and practice them a couple of times. Always remember that the video is not about you, it is about you helping your audience.
  4. Record - this recording was done in my backyard, if you can give your video some more content with your environment.
  5. Upload to YouTube and share - on your phone or desktop upload your video to YouTube and share with your audience in a newsletter post.

To wrap up, we did not need a selfie stick, a special video camera, microphone, auto prompter, green screen, text transcription or video editing software.

What we needed to do was keep it short, solve a problem, be in the moment, do something authentic and smile.

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Do you regularly do videos to help share with your audience? What are your best video sharing tips?