Posted because this happened to me today and the response I had from my friends on social media alerting me to the fake account was awesome - can you help make a list of useful things to do when you know or see this happening to a friend?

My first reaction was this ...

Beware and ignore the fake me and only trust the real Matt Cameron

Posted by Matt Cameron on Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Then on reflection, thought this might be a good topic for a post.

A couple of helpful ideas ...

  1. Tell the person that was faked and that they have an imposter - so that they know.
  2. Report the imposter - so that the social media platform can fix it up.
  3. Ignore friend requests that are suss - ok, just do this by default.
  4. Post a comment - and help make this an awesome list.

Can you improve this post with a comment? - together lets make an awesome helpful list of useful things to do when dealing with an imposter social media.

Let's continue the conversation.