Recently asked, how do I create opportunities for meaningful connections?

What I find interesting about this question is that with all the email and social media marketing noise, often all that you have is a well targeted subject line to catch people's fleeting attention with.

Ideas to help with making an engagement opportunity:

  1. Reach out with a PERSONAL message in the right "place" - for example, use email or a direct message depending on where you are more likely to get engagement. Personalise the message so that it reflects earlier conversations.
  2. Make the "product" really INTERESTING to your audience  - every time I read through my emails and messages I always ask "what's in it for me" and "is this important" - the sad thing is that most of them get deleted or ignored. Consider the experience and emotions of your audience. Learn what is of interest by asking, testing and trying new things.
  3. Make it the RIGHT "price" - what investment of "engagement" time are you asking for and what's the return. Make it easy by showing what you want, for example if you want comments on a post then make sure that when you ask for the engagement there are already some comments. These pre-existing examples will help people to make sense of the engagement effort required. Provide options, because a like is always a good social signal to others that what you are sharing is worth a read.
  4. Ensure you "promote" REGULARLY - this means having a plan to continuously promote regularly, for example set aside 15-minutes every day to do something to get the job done and before you know it you will be spending 5-hours every month making opportunities for meaningful connections.

My takeaway is to make sure that the person reading feels special when they read, that the ask is easy and that there is a good compelling reason for engagement.

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Interested in what you have found that works to help get people to engage.

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