Read on for some inspiration and ideas to consider when writing new content or giving your website a refresh.
  1. Help your audience with a problem - present your audience with a solution to a problem. The customer always buys to benefit, and articles that speak directly to solving problems will help create awareness of how you can help. Consider sharing a checklist, tutorial, step-by-step how to get started guide, answering a question or provide a case study.
  2. Keep it simple and use less words - get to the point quickly, keep what you are saying easy to read and remember that every word is important. People will read on because you are helpful. Consider using a formula to help keep your articles concise and to the point.
  3. Use call to action words (with care) - use words and verbs that help to create a sense of urgency and encourage your audience to take action. Consider phrases like: check out, get more,  how to, join us, read on, search our website for more and start now. I am sure that you can think of others that will help prompt your audience. When using call to action words don't repeat the same phrase everywhere and ensure that what you are saying doesn't sound cheap and cheesy.
  4. Use words (and language) that your audience understands - make sure that you are talking the same language as your audience. Google can only help people find your content if the words that you share match what people are most likely to search for.
  5. Network with links - use internal and external links to help people find your content. Sharing a link of your article on social media will help it get read. Also, consider linking with other websites because this can be a great way to help your audience and can assist with building relationships.
  6. Share what you have found interesting and helpful - write an article about an app, process or website that has helped you with your workflow and made a real difference.
  7. Share what or who influences you most - consider sharing how you make decisions, important lessons that you have learned recently, a comparison of products or services, or a post containing a compilation of links to interesting articles. Chances are if it is something that is generally interesting to you then it will be of interest to others.

Key takeaway and 💡 social media marketing tip - focus on providing value by helping with content that delivers a solution.

Interested in comments, where do your best awesome social media ideas come from?

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