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Free digital marketing workshop events

Learn with FREE digital marketing workshops every Wednesday starting at 7:30PM AEST.

Weekly community workshop events are very informal. We kick off with everyone having the chance to chat and share what they are doing, this is following by an opportunity for questions, and then we explore some digital marketing technology from a developer perspective.

Currently we are learning about how to send a personalised welcome email using the following stack:

  1. MJML - easy to use drop and drag framework to design response email.
  2. EmailJS - used to send the responsive email.
  3. Postman - to trigger sending a test email.
  4. Cloudflare Serverless Worker or AWS Lambda - used for integration.
  5. Ghost - used to manage content and subscribers.

RSVP for learning workshops here https://calendly.com/influencertips/events

To get a FREE 60 day trial of Ghost use https://www.influencer.tips/#/portal/signup with the promo code GETTINGSTARTED

Beginners through to experts all welcome.

Concepts covered include responsive HTML/CSS for email, API, JavaScript and NodeJS.

Great opportunity to have a chat about anything to do with digital marketing, learn new ideas from like minded people, get help and even make some new digital marketing friends.

Workshops feedback and suggested topics

Share a comment about how we can improve workshops and feel very welcome to suggest a digital marketing workshop topic that you are interested in.