What is a Cloudflare serverless worker you may ask

In simple words, a serverless worker lets you run small bits of functionality important for getting stuff done on a website without the need of your own cloud server.

Just what you needed to know, right 😉

OK, this post is obviously for some of those more technically minded in the audience. But before you go, what is really exciting about this tech is that it is inexpensive because it does not need expensive development of the app, along with dedicated hosting.

Read on if interested ...

Recently have been finding more and more use cases for Cloudflare serverless workers, and as a result will be starting to share code for some on MIT licence, including the following:

Used to expose functionality in Ghost Admin API. Contribute to influencerTips/cf-ghost-admin-api development by creating an account on GitHub.

The offical Cloudflare Workers pitch

For the offical pitch have a read of Cloudflare Workers.

Cloudflare Workers®
Build your next application with Cloudflare Workers

What people are doing with Cloudflare Workers

To get a sense of what Cloudflare Workers can do have a look at the Awesome Cloudflare list.

Awesome Cloudflare | Curated list of awesome lists | Project-Awesome.org

Digital marketing use cases

Use cases Cloudflare workers are many, but what I have found them of use for is to:

  1. Access data and/or content via an APIs where secure environment variables are required.
  2. Then optionally applying functions to that data.
  3. Caching.
  4. Triggering some other API to do something important and exciting.
  5. And finally exposing the result via an API all to be consumed via JQuery.

This post will be updated as time permits to share some more.

Feel very welcome to give any of these a star, or to suggest improvements on their issue queues.

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