Digital marketing tip 2 - listening helps you learn

KEY TAKEAWAY - work out the type of content that you can deliver for the needs of your audience.

Deliver content that your audience wants.

When sharing content it is important to share with quality regularly, rather than to share inconsistently.

Knowing what you are going to share helps you to put together a plan to share regularly.

Most likely your motivation for digital marketing engagement is to share something that you care about. These motivations can be personal, professional, community, or a mix of all three. With each of these reasons comes opportunities for sharing different types of content. Personal is about yourself, professional promotion helps people become aware of what you do in business, and community engagement is about sharing what makes a difference to you and your audience.

There is nothing wrong with sharing for personal or professional because a bit of selfish helps to keep you motivated. The important thing is to share what audience needs and wants.

🤨 TIP - ask your audience what they would like.

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